How to Write SEO Content for People

SEO content writing

If you were to ask people the question, “What is SEO content writing?”, there is a good chance that some of them would have no idea what you are talking about. They are more interested in the information within what is being shared, and the rankings of the articles you are writing for them, than what you know as SEO content writing. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t utilize all those SEO writing tips you have learned over the years for your SEO article writing and SEO article writing.

How to Write SEO Content for People

Determine Your Message

One of the first SEO writing tips I can give you is to determine what you want your message to be within the content you are writing. Providing an answer to a question or having a topic that people are interested in will help them engage with the person you are writing for more. There are many ways to engage with people through SEO content writing. You can do this through persuasion, informing, and even entertaining. 

Utilize Headings

Utilizing headlines within your SEO blog writing or SEO article writing can be helpful for the person you are writing for and everyone reading what is written. These headlines will not just help with SEO either. They will also help structure all your SEO content writing to make it easier for a person to scan through your page quickly and pull out key items.

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Use Paragraphs Wisely

We all learn how to start new paragraphs in grade school, but that doesn’t mean everyone uses them correctly. As you are doing your SEO content writing, you will want to begin paragraphs when you are sharing a new idea or subject. Most of your paragraphs will require at least two sentences, but you may find that a one sentence paragraph can be helpful when it comes to readability.

Make Your SEO Content Readable

Speaking of readability… Using big words might let you appear like an expert in your field, but it is going to make it harder for people to understand your content. One of the best SEO writing tips I can share is to make every single SEO blog post or article you write, for yourself and others, as readable as possible. This means using easy to understand words and shorter sentences and paragraphs.

Use Those Transition Words

Transitions words are those words that can make your SEO content writing flow so much better, while making it more readable. The best part about transitional words is that you can use them to make your SEO blog writing even better. 

Consider the Length of Your Blog Post or Article

Most people don’t go to websites to read what appears to be book length articles. They want to read content that answers their questions, or gives them the information they need, as quickly as possible. Therefore, while Google loves longer SEO content writing, you should carefully consider the length of all the content you write. All SEO blog posts should be at least 300 words in length, but the length of the ones you write should be dependent on the information you are sharing. 

For example, SEO article writing that includes three steps on how to do something will be much shorter than a top twenty vacation destinations blog post. 

Always Link to Previous Content

Your goal when SEO content writing is to provide everyone with all the information they need. However, this cannot always be accomplished in one post. Therefore, it is important to have the person you are writing for link some of their other SEO blog posts to the SEO content posts you are currently writing. This will allow everyone reading the post to click on those links to see what else they can learn. 

Stick with an Active Voice for Your SEO Content Writing

An active voice will have you writing actionable words that everyone will be ready to follow immediately. However, many people find that their writing focuses more on a passive voice, which contains longer sentences. One of the hardest SEO writing tips to follow is switching from a passive voice to an active voice for your SEO article writing. 

Asking the question, “What is SEO content writing?”, will have you receiving so many different answers. SEO requirements seem to change daily when it comes to SEO content writing. Therefore, you must constantly stay up to date with SEO writing tips when doing your SEO blog writing and SEO article writing. These tips will allow you to write for people with SEO in mind, while giving them the information they are seeking at the same time.