13 Tips To Improve the Happiness and Health of Your Family

Here are some of the basics that, according to experts, are the key to a loving and happy home:young family at home

1. Create a hug time

The importance of hugs cannot be overemphasized. For families, it is essential to spend time in bed, to read, to talk or to play. This kind of positive contact helps children to feel loved and safe, and it makes parents fun!

2. Sing together, stay together

The Von Trapp family from the Sound of Music had it right. Singing together is a great way to build a family relationship. Compose your own words to your favorite songs; dance around with your children in the living room, and use the music to motivate the cleanliness of the room.

3. Make room for fun

While it may be good to promote your children’s work and extracurricular activities, putting too much emphasis on them can create tension and anxiety. Take time for activities that have no other purpose than giving family members the opportunity to spend time together. Play games, organize surprise parties, go for long walks, explore a cave, plant a garden or cook.

4. Practice together

Run with your child in a local park or cycle with him. In the park, you can relax while your child plays in the sandpit or on the swing. This type of outing enables an outlet for the child to behave well, exercise and spend time with their parents.

5. Create healthy habits

High salt and sugar junk food may seem attractive, but it will have a devastating effect on your family’s health and mood. Make healthy snacks by leaving out bowls of fruit, chopped vegetables, nuts or dried fruit.

6. Cook together

This is another way to get kids interested in healthy foods. During the preparation of dinner with your children, promote healthy eating habits and teach cooking, measurement, teamwork, and improvisation. Also, children who help prepare meals are more likely to eat them.

7. Reward good behavior

Strengthening the good behavior of your child is important. But it does not have to be extravagant. A philanthropic trip, a visit to the zoo, a movie and popcorn or a later bedtime can be good motivators.

8. Read and write together

Take the time to read every day. Read the kids or let the whole family spend time with their own books or listen to an audiobook. Cuddling on the couch can make it even more inviting. It is also important for children to spend time each day.

9. create and enforce routines

Children thrive when they know what to expect. Therefore, bedtime bathing, including stories and songs at bedtime, can minimize nighttime behavior. A morning routine can also help you get out faster with minimal movement.

10. Enjoy each other

Find small ways to show how much you value yourself. One idea is to make a merry little dance every time a child comes home from school or a parent’s home from work.

11. Remember sorry is enough

If one of your children violates the feelings of a brother, it is not enough to apologize. This child must also find a way to heal the damage she has done, help her with a task, or share a toy.

12. Prioritize your wedding

The most important thing you can do for your child is to love and prove your spouse. This model is a good relationship for your child and helps to keep your marriage intact. Parent’s relationship is where the child learns how relationships work.