6 Steps You Need To Create Great Explainer Videos

VideoExplainer videos are necessary tools in the hands of every serious brand owner. If you run a business online and you do have an explainer video for your business, and I am providing 6 steps you need to create great explainer videos. Advertising has evolved from the traditional system of marketing where there are static, unchanging rules and ways of doing things. Explainer videos are one of the ways of advertising that generate quicker results. It is even said that explainer videos have about 20 percent conversion rate. You do not know what your brand is missing out if you are not using an explainer video for your products and services yet.

However, it is not enough to know that explainer videos are necessary for your business’ growth. You need to know what makes explainer videos great. There are so many explainer videos out there that do not just cut, achieving the exact opposite of what an explainer video should achieve. It is better not to have an explainer video on your site than a shoddy one that does exactly nothing. These are great top tips you should follow in creating effective explainer videos that guarantee a brand’s growth.

Identify your audience

This is the first thing you have to know before creating an explainer video at all. Not knowing your audience could make the result of your explainer video and all the efforts you have sunk into come out tepid. That would be wasted efforts, time and resources. You cannot afford that, so that is the core reason why you have to know and identify the audience the explainer video is intended for. Identifying your audience means you have to find that point in their lives that you could integrate into the explainer to create a strong personal connection with them.

If your audience cannot relate with your explainer video, then you have achieved nothing. I know getting to know people who you have never even met could be quite a task, much more trying to create something that would resonate with their emotions. This is what you could do in that regard; create a survey share them among those people you think your services and products are meant for. Feedbacks from that survey will guide you in creating an impressive explainer video. The general mistake most brands make is that they do not get it right at this point. And once you miss this point, the whole explainer video would be starved of your audience’s reception. You do not want that, so identify your audience.

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make it short

Never make your explainer video long. The whole point of an explainer video is to showcase a product or service in a way that hooks your audience. A long and winding explainer video defeats that. When your audience comes to your explainer video, they want something that could give them the information they are looking for without boring them out. One thing you should know is that you are competing with so many other brands out there. If your explainer video does not hit the point on time, your customer will look elsewhere to get the same info they wanted at a faster pace. Keeping everything you have got to say is the real gem of an explainer video. If you forget most things about creating an engaging explainer video, never forget this.

Create a script

Creating a script shows your seriousness to your explainer as the script will ensure you do not wander off. If you were wondering how to make your explainer video short, then this is it. Having a script on hand helps you to stick to time. Once your explainer video is well scripted, the rest steps towards creating an amazing should be pretty easy.

In creating a good script, it is always advisable you get someone outside your organization to do this. Why is this important? Getting an outsider to engage with your company and interpret everything about your company down in a script breathe fresh perspective into the narrative of your company, which in the long run positively affect your explainer video. An explainer video created without a script lacks coordination. And your audience is smart will spot this and know that you are just fooling around. You do not want that kind of amateurish reputation for a brand you are working hard at building.

Be creative

Being creative with your explainer video means you should be able to incorporate other things into your explainer video. One of the very important things you should incorporate into your video is the presence of your brand. Make the environment of the explainer video reflect your company. This starts by make sure visible materials in the explainer video bears a touch of your company’s color. However, go about this in a very creatively subtle manner.

Tell the benefits, scratch out the features

Remember you are creating an explainer video that is short and engaging, so you want to make sure everything you do fit into that time frame and as well convincing enough to want to make your customer purchase your products or services. The wrong way to go about that is showing your target customer the features of a product rather than the benefits. People do not care about how a great a product is; they want to know how the product will benefit them. For example, in selling a smartphone, do not waste time showing the big RAM size and fantastic camera it has, rather tell them how it would help them to accomplish tasks faster and help them taking marveling shots.

Strive to entertain

We know you are on about business with the explainer video. However, infuse some fun into the video. People tell to remain the details of something when it entertains them. Use the power of entertainment to hook the interesting of your audience. When your audience is favorably disposed to your explainer video, making that intended conversion is easier.

With those top tips in your business management rucksack, creating amazing and very effective explainer videos will be easier.

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