Up and Coming R&B, hip hop rap, dance hall, Dennis Night official singles entitled. California girl by Dennis Night. “You told me you love me” by Dennis Night.

LAGOS, NIGERIA, December 13, 2021/ — Dennis Night aims to make retailable music that hit people’s homes, family, and fans is the main motivation for this artist, He wants to give them a better life style and comfortable life. As a result he focuses on making enjoyable music and inspiring people around him with it.

Music industry announces California Girl by Dennis Night.

We don’t exactly know what this singles will be about, but one can expect it to be an Hip hop, R&B, Dance Hall, Rap and Pop.

The singer, songs writer, composer, performing artist, usually produce in these genres, so it is safe to say the music will be another exciting addition. Dennis Night recognizes just how difficult it is to make a name for oneself in the music industry. In the coming years, he aspire to share his music all over the globe.

Dennis Night is passionate about Dance Hall, Hip Hop and Raps. Having started music at a young age, as an adult now, Dennis Night has no plan of stopping.

Available on Deezer music, Boomplay, Apple, Youtube music, Audiomack and more.

California girl by Dennis Night

Dennis Night on Boomplay

You told me you love me by Dennis Night

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