Eating for Your Body Type

woman with baggy pangsI think I have tried every diet to lose weight, and one thing every diet has in common is that they claim to have best answer to lose weight. Keto, Zone, South Beach, Mediterranean are just of the few diets claiming they are the best way to lose weight. The problem with these diets is that they will have your body fighting you the entire way because they do not take into consideration your body type.

The problem is that if you take your body type into consideration, it completely invalidates the primary principles of the diet itself. First things first, let’s briefly review the three main body types. Endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph brief definitions are listed below:

  1. Endomorphs are generally chubby, and tend to retain fat. They have a high fat-to-muscle ratio.
  2. Mesomorphs, tend to build muscle easily, and they also have a good metabolism rate.
  3. Ectomorphs have a very fast metabolism, and they have a very hard time adding weight and muscle.

You see, all of the diets mentioned above have specific carbohydrate requirements that violate the body type requirements. There are not enough carbs using those diets to maintain muscle mass, let alone gain any, and the more muscle you have the faster your body burns fat. As a result, your body is fighting you while on these diets.

I recently read a book, “Fat Burning Secrets.” In it the author, Richard Webb writes about how using the Zone Diet coupled with specific ways of doing resistance and cardio training combinations greatly improved his metabolism. I used this approach and was successful at burning body fat and getting in better shape. The diet was better than what I was doing before, but again, it did not take into consideration that I’m an endomorph. As a result, I was still eating too many carbohydrates on a daily basis.

What Mr. Webb failed to do in his book was to take into consideration body type. However, he  corrected the omission of body types in his book by creating a course, “Manage Your Diet Like A Bodybuilder” in which I learned how anyone (regardless of activity level, age or sex) can use these principles to eat to have their body burn fat.  As a relative newbie in fitness, I found this course invaluable and a bargain at less that $50.00 US.