“Fat Burning Secrets” Will Assist You to Your Overall Health and Fitness Objectives

"Fat Burning Secrets" by Richard Webb
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What if I told you that you could get 16 hours of resistance and cardio results per week with only 4 hours per week of effort. That’s a 75% time savings, right? Time is that one commodity that once it’s gone, it’s gone. You cannot buy it, cannot trade it, but in the end you will want more of it. “Fat Burning Secrets” will assist you to your overall health and fitness objectives.

When I first started competing in natural bodybuilding in 2006, I was spending over 16 hours a week preparing for my competition. Before I competed again in 2009, I did a lot of research to find a more efficient way. That I did.

Since then I have competed and continually had better performance in competitions culminating in back to back wins in the Master Division (men in their 40’s) at age 49 on the famed Muscle Beach (Labor Day 2011 and Memorial Day 2012) competition in Venice, California. I also won the lightweight division in the 2012 Memorial Day competition.

Richard wins Lightweight Division Muscle Beach Memorial Day 2012
Richard wins Lightweight Division Muscle Beach Memorial Day 2012 (Richard holding trophy)

The change was in all phases of the game: Resistance and cardio training as well as in diet. As a result, I was spending only 4 hours per week exercising and eating well.  It was also clear to me that there’s no reason the average person could not do this for overall health and longevity.  I had to share this with the world.

Most recently, I created an online course to include a missing piece from the book, and that’s eating for your body type. In the course titled “Fat Burning Secrets Solutions“, I show you how to manage calories consumed versus calories burned. Together, the book and the course are a recipe to increase your metabolism naturally, and exercise and diet for longevity.

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In summary, the book and the online courses will give you the tools and help you create the habits that will give you a healthier life and improve your longevity. Check it out if you wish know how to lose belly fat naturally.