How Much More Effective is PPC and SEO when Executed Together?

SEOPPC and SEO are two significant concepts in online marketing that are responsible for the growth of any online business. You cannot run a successful online business without the deployment of PPC and SEO. Though they are two separate marketing strategies, they are all used for the same mission: to increase quality and well-targeted website traffic to your site and convert your visitors into committed customers of your brand. So, how much more effective is PPC and SEO when executed together? To know this, it is first necessary to know what both concepts are and how they work.

What is SEO?

SEO is acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is simply the means of generating good traffic to your site through the use of well-researched keywords. This means when you deployed the right keywords to contents on your site, whenever a visitor enters words matching those keywords into a search engine, Google (and other search engines) simply uses its algorithm technology to crawl your website out amidst many web links. And when it does that, it pops your website up on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) as one of the relevant sources to go to for search results.

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How does this SEO operate?

This is the answer everybody asks at the first time they hear about SEO. Not to bother you with the various jargons and technological terminologies that describes what SEO does. Let’s look at the SEO as a locator or a directory in a madhouse filled with the so many things that would take even to make a guide breaking a sweat to go through looking for something without that locator. Google search engine is this madhouse of numerous links. For your information, there are billions of links online. See how huge your website’s competition is at getting visibility? SEO is simply the rescue that works for both the Google, Bing (Microsoft) and other search engines and your website. With the help of SEO, the search engines can do a more focused search with the power of its algorithm, as it matches whatsoever had been inputted into the search with whatsoever related words in its database. With the right SEO done on your website, you do not have to worry about being seen amidst those numerous web links, google simply identifies you with your SEO words.

What is then the benefits of SEO?

Cursorily, we would look at some of the benefits of SEO:

Good traffic: SEO gives your website the traffic it deserves as it brings you the right visitors you want for your website. Getting traffic on your website without the use of SEO could be quite a daunting task, and it just may never happen.

Relevance: SEO gives your website relevance with the constant traffic it brings to your website. Your website loses relevance if it is just sitting around a corner doing nothing. It simply becomes redundant on the cyberspace.

Visibility: We do not need to really talk about this, because this is the foundational benefit of SEO. SEO primarily works to give your website the needed visibility your web business needs for growth. Without the required visibility, no matter how great your products or services may be, you would never make any business growth.

What is PPC?

PPC is a short form of Pay Per Click. This is simply an online advertising system that allows an advertiser to pay for an advert only when it is clicked on. It is a simple model that allows advertisers to say money on their advert budget. Advertising is really a big deal and very money demanding. When it is not properly planned, it could sink so much money delivering little results. However, about the main thing that makes advert a necessity for a business is that there is very little a brand can do in achieving great success without the help of advertisement. The traditional advertisement has never been able to devise a way to advert budget friendly. However, the new media broke that ground with PPC, making advertisement quite affordable for all kinds of businesses. With PPC, a brand can run with advertisement budget that would not break the financial backbone of the brand.

How Does PPC Advert Operate?

PPC advert simply operates with the help of keywords. That way, whenever a search engine user inserts some words into their search engine, the words match with the relevant advert in the search engine database to crawling out the related advert. You may be wondering how Google gets to decide what advert to pull up and if some advert won’t be getting more pulled up than others. Google PPC advert solves that problem with its Ad auction feature. With Ad auction, businesses offering the same service do not get to use the same keywords. The Ad auction allows businesses to rather bid on the keywords that fit what services or products they are offering. So whenever a user types into the search engine words matching those bided for keywords, google pulls up the advert of the business with the keywords for that customer. It is really that simple and effective. The ad auction keywords ensure that no business get any special attention but rather based on the keywords that go with their advert. For instance, a person in the sales of sports kits may use keywords such as “sports,” “kits” or “exercise.” Whenever any search related term matches any of those keywords, and bring up the advert for the web user.

Benefits of PPC

  • PPC is a budget-friendly advertisement system that prevents advert budget biting deeply into the finance of a brand. With PPC, you do not have to worry about going over budget because you can set your budget ahead of time.
  • PPC gives your business a more focus based advertising model. With PPC, your conversion rate is good in as much as you bid for the right keywords. With PPC, everything is keywords driven and supported.
  • PPC also helps the users who are looking for products and services get the best result through the results they must have imputed to the search engine. With PPC therefore, search engine users are just keywords away from the service and products that they are in need of.

Now that we have a better understanding of how PPC and SEO work, it is time to evaluate how effective it would be when both are used together in driving the growth of a business.

Domination of the marketplace

When you PPC is combined with SEO in an online marketing drive for a business, the result is often gigantic. Using PPC and SEO is like using a two-edged sword. With that kind of marketing strategy in place, your customer can never miss your products or services as you are in places that matter in their search result page. Nothing could be as effective as combining the great power of PPC and SEO; it is simply magical. It gives you the kind of domination needed for the assertion of your authority in your line of business. With a good ad auction bid on your set for the right keywords for your business, your business’ domination of the marketplace is very sure. While SEO focuses on giving organic traffic as their search keywords match your search engine optimized contents, PPC also ensures your business website is ranking high on the search result page as a paid ad. You cannot but win with the technique of combing these two marketing strategies together. Domination does not necessarily mean that your business is going overcloud other business offering the same service as you, no that isn’t it. Domination in this sense ensures that no matter what the case may be, your customer will still be able to locate you. For instance, if your SEO marketing plan fails to get your website on the search result page, your PPC will be there to make sure you still get seen by your customer. Also, in the case that your ad auction for your PPC advertising fails to match the web user’s keywords, you have your SEO keywords to come to the rescue.

Combining both PPC and SEO with the right strategy cannot fail your business. Your brand’s dominance is more certain.

Better Marketing Strategy

With SEO and PPC, you have the best tools at your disposal to make a perfect marketing strategy. The many resources available for SEO and PPC gives you an in-depth look into online marketing and the best way to succeed at it. The greatest thing about using both SEO and PPC is that there is a shared data across both platforms. With that opportunity, you have a good chance of prepping up your business for better visibility online. There is a limit to what you can do with SEO online marketing strategy can accomplish. Organic traffic isn’t what it used to be. Google has made it more secure to curb traffic fraud that not every SEO stuffed content get crawled in an organic search. Like everything that is susceptible to misuse, Google’s organic traffic via SEO has been misused by so many people that they intentional stuff their content with unnecessary keywords so that it can rank well for organic traffic. It is on this premise therefore that Google made organic ranking a bit difficult to snuff out dishonest SEO crammed sites. However, it is unfortunate that sometimes, well-meaning websites with SEO marketing strategy also get blocked out. If this happens to your website, you can always still get the traffic you want with PPC. Also, you could use PPC’s Adwords to create better SEO content. On the other hands, PPC can also benefit from the behavioural analysis of SEO for a better marketing strategy. When synced well in your online marketing plan, you may reduce the cost of your PPC while increasing ROI of your advertising.

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Conversion rate is higher

Using both PPC and SEO guarantees a greater conversion rate. PPC and SEO have been known to be a great online scheme that leads to good conversion. With SEO, customers trust you for what you say you know how to do because they can see it reflected in the contents you put out. They know you are not there to play a fast one on them and defraud them of their money. They can see the true demonstration of your expertise with the way you have curated contents around your products and services and how Google has also recognized you for doing so. There is something calming about seeing the brand you want to get a product or service from demonstrating the benefits of what you are about getting than a brand who doesn’t care. Common sense will point you to choosing the way that is invested in their products and service through beneficial keywords. It is in this way that Google tends to accord you authority. The more your website keeps popping up for a keyword in a search result page, the more your authority grows.

PPC, on the other hand, allows potential customers to see you when they are in need of your service. Web users are always good at capturing what they are looking for with the keywords that match that same thing. So if you have indeed bided for the keywords that match your business descriptions, then it should not be hard for your business to be found. It is in this vein that the use of PPC and SEO guarantee a higher conversation rate. And with higher conversation rate comes more profit.

When executed together, PPC and SEO have the overall ability to make the growth of an organization surpass every expectation. Using PPC with SEO is just an effective online marketing strategy, it is one that has a very low possibility of failure. You can only hope for the best when both are used to drive your online marketing force. PPC and SEO could be a great tool for a brand to break any competitive market space.



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