How to write a press release for a product: Definitive guide

Learn how to write a press release announcing your new product

When you need media coverage for your product then it is a key consideration to write an effective press release. Whether you are working on a startup business or an enterprise, a press release for a product is an essential aspect of media strategy. However, it can be frustrating for a lot of people out there to write an effective press release. It may be because they have never gone through the process of a product launch press release before. However, if you are here to learn how you can write an effective product announcement press release then stick to this guide. We have put together a complete guide for you to write a press release for a product. 

How to write an effective press release

However, do you want to stay ahead of your competitors? Then here is our definitive guide for you to write a killer press release. This contains all of the essential tips which are necessary for you to consider in this regard. You can easily customize your new product announcement template as per these tips to get wider media coverage more effectively. So, without any further delay let’s have a look at the amazing tips given below to benefit you in this regard:

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Every one of us understands the importance of branding at the present time. As we prefer to use this everywhere so why not in the press release? Undoubtedly, branding is important for your press release too. Well, if you want to make your press release more impactful and recognizable then use the color scheme and logo of your company especially in the headline section.

Make the headline irresistible

A captivating and irresistible headline can help you to set the stage of success for your press release. Make more efforts to be creative and more interesting. Writing a heading which can compel your audience to open and read your press release. However, keep it simple and short so that everyone can understand it effectively.

Craft your starting paragraph carefully

It is a vital fact that your starting paragraph is the lead of your press release. Therefore, it is highly important to make sure it contains the essence of your press release. There are six essential elements that must be there in your starting paragraph. These elements are What, Who, When, Why, How and Where. So, make sure, you are adding information as per these elements. These elements of Press Release for Product can make it easier for your audience to understand the purpose of your release. Make sure you are conveying the value of news in the starting para. This is the point that can engage your audience with your press release and they will decide to read it or not further.

Describe background story

In the body of your press release, you can also include the background story of your product. This can include the creative ways of how your company has developed this product. Or what takes you to the production of this product, etc. This can be a more impactful way to provide essential information about your company, its mission, dedication, and your product easily.

Do not forget to include keywords

Well, it is also important to add the keyword in the heading of your press release which you have chosen to target. This will make it easier for the search engines to rank or find your press release more effectively. Even more, this will also ensure that the media and audience understand the subject of your press release effectively. However, it is important to avoid going overboard with your keywords. Rather put them in the title or body naturally.

Use press releases to let the world know about your products

Develop the press release body

Basically, the   body expands the starting paragraph of it. Break up the body into multiple paragraphs. End each paragraph within 3 to 4 sentences. Make sure you are providing a new piece of information related to your product in every paragraph. 

It is necessary to keep your audience engaged with your press release till the end. However, the body should contain information from different aspects. This must include information about your product, discovery, and how your product is better than others. This should not only give the objective of your press release to the readers but also provide essential information about your product.

However, it is also important to write one or two relevant quotes in the body paragraphs of the press release. This can help you in making a good impression in a more effective way. Even more, these quotes can also make it easier for your press release to stand out among others more effectively.

Here’s an example of a well written press release:

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Must add a summary paragraph

It is always necessary to wrap up your press release with an effective and compelling ending paragraph. You can consider your ending paragraph for the closing remarks. If your press release is all about the new product launch then you can add info about the availability of products here. Even more, you can also add the product information which you couldn’t fit in the body. However, it is always important to end up this summary or ending paragraph within 5 to 6 sentences. Use the words which can affect the audience positively.

Add company’s boilerplate information

Well, this is the place where you have to put the information regarding your company. However, make it short and concise. You have to add this point to make your brand or business more professional and recognizable effectively.

Do not forget to include contact, date and geographical location information

important. Because this will let your audience know how to contact you and where you are currently. Even more, date and time can play an effective role in letting your audience decide that the press release is recent and relevant. Due to all of these reasons it is essential to include all of these things into your press release. Even more, for better results, you can also add the links of your social media accounts or website in the press release. However, make sure the links you place are current and working. Otherwise, this can leave a bad impression.

Final Thoughts

These are the simplest and effectively concise medium to transmit product announcement to the media. However, it is a vital fact to understand that the rules for this game have changed. Therefore, at the present time, you have to adopt certain methods to achieve the goal of effective media coverage. Well, when you are writing an effective product launch press release then it is always important to do justice with the purpose of your press release. Not only this, while writing a press release for product you must utilize the correct language for a better impression. Restrict the length of your press release to 2 pages maximum. Even more, make sure to address everything regarding the topic of your press release.