Using Health Affirmations to Achieve Health Goals

Throughout my lifetime, I have chosen to work hard to become the healthiest person I can be. I would exercise and eat healthy. However, one day, I realized that health affirmations could be the link I was missing when it came to fully reaching my health goals. At the time, I had been using affirmations in other parts of my life. I decided to add affirmations for health to my daily routine to see if they were the extra motivation I needed. The results were life-changing for me and affirmations on health are now part of my everyday lifestyle. 

Health affirmations work

What is an Affirmation?

If you have never heard of affirmations before, they are words or phrases that are used to make you think you can accomplish anything. During the day, I recite different words and phrases that strengthens the thoughts I want my mind to believe. These affirmations have motivated me to work harder to reach my health goals. They have also made me put in the work on the days when I have felt like I couldn’t. 

Different Types of Affirmations

When I first started using affirmations, I thought they were all based on work, personal life, money, and health. But then I started using negative affirmations instead of positive affirmations on occasion. That is when I realized the actual different types of affirmations were negative and positive. 

Negative affirmations are phrases, or words, that attract negativity to life. All negative affirmations can be damaging to a person’s self-esteem. It is simple to engage in negative self-talk. It took me quite some time to stop using negative affirmations and start using positive affirmations instead. 

Doing that was the best thing I could do for myself though, because positive affirmations are more uplifting. Positive health affirmations have helped me improve my mental attitude, so I believe I can reach my goals. 

How to Use Health Affirmations to Achieve Health Goals

1. Always Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

Negative thoughts can be quite powerful. While I can’t say I never have negative thoughts anymore, I can say that I can forget them quickly. I accomplish this by simply replacing any negative thoughts with positive ones through my affirmations.

2. Consider Positive Traits

Knowing my positive traits has been helpful in recent years. I can use these traits to help me focus to reach my goals. And those traits I have that aren’t as positive can be forgotten, at least until I can change some of them.

3. Understand the Why

When I set health goals, or any other goals, it is helpful for me to know my why. Understanding why I want to make the changes I do allows me to create a successful plan. It can be difficult for a person to know their why, especially when they are starting out with health affirmations. I recommend focusing on the goal and the reason you created that goal. 

4. Recite Health Affirmations Regularly

I cannot stress how important it is to recite affirmations for health regularly. The only way a person can see the results from affirmations on health is to use them often. The results simply won’t be there for those who only give affirmations a glancing thought every few months. 

Add Feelings to Health Affirmations

I can recite health affirmations all day long. But it wasn’t until I began to put my feelings towards the thoughts in my brain that I saw the results I wanted. My initial goal was to feel healthy. So, once I started to feel healthy, while reciting my affirmations on health, my body actually felt healthy to my brain.

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What Positive Affirmations Can Do

I have seen numerous changes in my attitude since I started using health affirmations. A few of the changes I have experienced include: 

  • Increased motivation and perseverance
  • The belief I was strong enough to reach my health goals
  • Increased levels of confidence
  • Ability to reduce the negative thoughts in my head
  • Increased focus towards achieving my health goals
  • Ability to take control of my health journey

How to Add Health Affirmations to Busy Days

I understand how busy life can get. But I also understand how important health affirmations are to my mental, and physical, health. When I began to implement affirmations on health into my days, it was easy to skip a day, or two. I found setting a reminder on my phone was helpful, because it was the cue I needed to focus on what was best for me. 

Other options can include hanging written health affirmations around the house or using them as wallpaper on a laptop. There is no right or wrong way to include affirmations for health into a busy day. I simply choose to focus on what my body needs and affirmations on health have been the most helpful when it comes to reaching my personal health goals.