Collagen Gummies are the Latest Rage

If you spend any part of your day watching television or reading magazines, you have seen an advertisement for collagen. It seems that collagen, in any form, is a popular supplement right now. Yet, there are numerous people who have no idea what collagen is. Or why it is good for them. If you have no idea why collagen gummies are the latest rage, you will want to keep reading. We will talk about what collagen is. We will also share the benefits of taking a collagen gummy.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein. Its structural form is what makes up a person’s cells and tissues. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that collagen is within your connective tissues, bones, tendons, cartilage, and skin. Or that collagen plays an enormous role in tissue repair and immune response. It is also helpful with cellular communication and cellular migration. 

There are currently 28 types of known collagens. And yet, type I collagen is what makes up 90% of the collagen within a human body. This type of collagen is comprised of glycine, hydroxyproline, and proline. These are all amino acids. 

Collagen production slows as you age. It can be difficult to maintain collagen levels, which is one of the many reasons why consuming collagen is important. Adding collagen to your diet can prevent signs of again. 

Collagen Gummies vs Other Forms of Collagen

Your body will naturally produce collagen. Although, the amount your body produces will lessen over time. You can also add collagen to your diet by eating chicken skin and fish skin. Bone broth is another excellent option for adding extra collagen to your diet. 

If you are unable to produce enough collagen on your own or eat foods containing collagen, you have another option. You can easily purchase collagen powders, collagen capsules, or collagen gummies. Collagen is even available in liquid form. 

Taking collagen gummies, or capsules, are the easiest ways to get extra collagen into your body. Simply chew a collagen gummy or swallow a capsule with a drink. 

Collagen powders and liquids must be added to drinks or food. This can make them a little more difficult to use. While sprinkling it over oatmeal or yogurt, or adding it to a drink, isn’t hard, it takes extra time. 

Pros of Collagen Gummies

There are a couple pros to taking these gummies. As we mentioned above, they are easy to take. You don’t need to have a drink ready. Simply pop a collagen gummy in your mouth, chew, and swallow. 

The best part about collagen gummies though is they come in many different flavors. This means you can choose your favorite flavor. 

Cons of Collagen Gummies

As with everything else, there are a couple cons to taking collagen gummies. The taste and texture can be slightly off, especially if you are not a fan of gummies to begin with. They can be chewier than you want, and they are never sweet like candy. 

Another con is there are not as many collagen gummies on the market. Only certain brands are making them, so they can be difficult to find. 

The last issue is a collagen gummy is not as flexible as other collagen products. You cannot add collagen gummies to baked goods or drinks to get a little extra collagen in your diet one day. 

Benefits of Taking Collagen Gummies

There are a few benefits of adding collagen gummies to your daily routine.

Healthier Skin

Aging is a process that happens naturally. However, you can prevent some symptoms of aging when you take a collagen gummy every day. 

Your skin will be more hydrated. Elasticity of your skin will improve as well. The best part is both those things will reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Healthier Bones

Bone mineral density declines as you get older. There is very little you can do to increase your bone mineral density. But taking collagen gummies has shown to increase the bone mineral density in older adults. 

This is excellent news, because it can reduce the risk of being diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia. 

Collagen gummies work best to improve bone health when taken in combination with resistance training. 

Prevents Joint Pain

Taking these gummies can assist in preventing joint pain. The cartilage in the joints can become healthier, which will help protect your joints.

Strengthens Nails and Hair

Nails and hair can become brittle and damaged over time. If you are not replacing the collagen, as well as biotin and zinc your nails and hair need, you will notice. Hair will start to fall out and grow back slowly. Nails will break and be slow to grow back. There are collagen gummies that include both biotin and zinc for healthy hair and nails. 

Healthy Heart

Your arteries contain cells and collagen provides structure to those cells. It is important that your arteries continue to receive collagen, so they stay elastic and flexible. 

Failure to keep your collagen levels up can result in you developing atherosclerosis. You would also be at a higher risk of having a stroke or heart attack. 

Side Effects of Collagen Gummies

There aren’t really any side effects from taking these gummies. Most of the time, when a person experiences a side effect, it is from another ingredient added to the gummy. Therefore, it is more common to see side effects when ingredients like herbs or high levels of a specific vitamin are included. 

It is best to read the labels of any collagen gummy bottle to see what ingredients are included. This will allow you to determine if you may experience a side effect when taking it. 

It is easy to see why these gummies are all the rage right now. Most people like yourself are trying to stay healthy and active, even as they get older. Taking a collagen gummy can assist with that, thanks to its numerous benefits. If you haven’t added this supplement to your daily routine, now may be the best time to start. If you don’t like gummies, you might try water with collagen.