LED Lighting Is THE Ultimate For Your Outdoor Experience

LED lightbulbs are earth-friendlyMany homeowners will start an outdoor project for their yards in preparation for the summer months.  They will add elements to their garden or start another garden.  They might add a much-needed walkway and add some wonderful outdoor lighting to enjoy their backyard retreat in the evening hours.  You’ve put a great deal of work into your yard and by highlighting your efforts with LED outdoor lights will make the entire project magical!

Using LED outdoor lighting that incorporates Human Centric Lighting will bring your unique lighting experience to your outdoor world.  Human Centric Lighting creates an environment that you create to match your taste and your moods.  HCL is a lighting that can improve your emotional needs or your overall well-being.  Using LED, you will have an incredible range of options to add to your outdoor planning.  The sky’s the limit for creating any effect you want at any given time because these lights are remarkably flexible.  One area of your backyard might need more security and safety while your flower garden will be breathtaking with a subtle lighting that mimics the moon!

LED Colors:

Unlike standard lights such as halogen or incandescent, which only offer one color, LED lights offer a huge range of colors by using a remote control that can change the colors at will. Absolutely any c can be produced to give you exactly what you are looking for.  Remote controls now come in the form of apps for your smartphones so you can set your preferred lighting, inside or outside, when you are away.

No Effort Installation:

You can take LED outdoor lights and string them together or send them in different directions from a hub.  Thanks to their low voltage, the hubs and/or connectors are so much smaller than your traditional systems.  You can even hide these light and create a magical, flawless effect.

Once you have your transformer in place, simply run your outdoor low wattage cable and then connect the units.  There are also a number of plug-and-play connectors that do not require splicing wires or wire nuts.

These lights can also run further out from their base than your typical lighting systems such as halogen.  You can also attach more lights to your low wattage cable.  Let your creativity flow and create your very own magical wonderland with LED outdoor lighting!

Greater Safety:

The 12v DC LED system uses very low power, making them a great deal safer than your standard 12v AC system.  Also, the plug-and-play connectors provide a much lower chance of getting shocked when wiring the light system.

LED outdoor lighting is safer, a great deal more flexible, allows you to choose the colors that will work best for you, and will save you a great deal of money on your electric bill!

Save On Electricity:

Some of the best benefits of using LED outdoor lighting include they are waterproof, use very little electricity, are amazingly flexible, come in an array of colors, and they will last for years!  Let’s face it, you want your outdoor evening hours to be spectacular and LED lights will significantly lower the cost of running them for hours on end.In comparison, if you run 45 incandescent lights for 10 hours a day, you will spend approximately $986 yearly.  If you run halogen lighting, it will cost even more than that.  If you run LED lighting, you will spend approximately $118 yearly!  That is an enormous savings of $867 each year!